Big Party Celebrations

During World War II I lived with my parents in an army married quarter near Chilwell in Nottingham.

Chilwell was an ammunition depot so every night we would come home from school, have a bath then do our siren suits (made from a blanket) and after tea go down to the tunnel under the hill to the ammo deport, access way by a stairway in a wood on the edge of the quarters. The ammo store was fitted with mattresses which we placed on top of the ammo boxes or spend the night safe from German bombs. The people would have a sing song and play games to pass the time.

On VE Day we arrived home from school as usual to find out the war in Europe was over, this was broadcast on the radio: TV’s were a new invention and there was only one black and white set in the married quarters camp.
Everybody was singing and generally showing their relief at the end of the hostilities in Europe or having a good old knee’s up. We later had a big party to celebrate the occasion.

Mr Wilson, child during WW2.

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