My Dad one of many brave men that day

My dad Walter Turner served in the south Staffordshire regiment on DDay landings.I can’t remember what beach they landed on as he didn’t talk about it much .But I can remember sitting down one day with him to watch saving private ryan.And at the beginning it shown you men being cut down by machine gun fire as they got of the landing craft,I turned to my father and asked dad what was going through your head when you were on that landing craft knowing when them doors open you could be dead .I said because if it was me I would have pissed or shit myself ,his reply was we never had time to think,we knew we had a job to do and we just had to get on with it.I take my hat off to all those brave men.Later he went on to fight in the glorious Gloucester’s in Korea where they were the only regiment to wear cap badge front and back because they fought back to back on Gloucester hill

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