My Grandad Thomas Parry now aged 95

He served mainly in the Pacific on the HMS Cumberland. He realised after 4 months he had been given the wrong papers, after his dad complained because he wasn’t getting paid. A mistake made as the other lad had the same name. He later found out that ship had been torpedoed with no survivors, if it wasn’t for the mix up, our family history would be very different. V.E day he was on board the ship escorting a hospital ship back .
He did endure horrific injuries to his lungs after another ship he was on was torpedoed , not long after he joined up and a mixture of oil, sea water and steam has left him with heavily scarred lungs. He spent 13 month in hospital in Chatham. He does speak of memories in Simonstown in South Africa and a dog named Just Nuisance and time spent docked at Trincomalee, stories that us as his grandchildren, my children and his other great grandchildren love to hear. He doesn’t openly speak about it as he thinks what he did wasn’t of any importance and that no one would be interested to hear (Crazy) but once he starts there is no stopping him. We would love to have his memories documented. We recently found out around 45-50 years ago his medals were stolen when his mum died and her house was being cleared out.
He is our own personal hero.

Submitted by Nicola Fulton

Photo: Photo from when he signed up aged 17 1/2 in 1941

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