My grandfather Far Eastern prisoner of war

We will always remember and never forget 🌺

It makes me so cross when these brave men that suffered such depravity and cruelty get little mention as though they were not part of the war. They too paid the kings shilling, followed orders and sacrificed their freedoms. They were living people that had families and lives.

Sadly my brave grandfather couldn’t celebrate VE Day he was captured by the Japanese in the Far East and had been enslaved working on the Thai Burma Railway with thousands of other brave prisoners of war and internees. They all suffered from immense cruelty and starvation and disease. My grandfather was killed during September 1944 while being transported on a Japanese hellship. His wife my grandmother died a month before him and died of TB leaving my father and his sister to be orphans. They were sent to an orphanage. VE Day wasn’t the end of the war for all the Far Eastern prisoners of war and internees or their families. Many families lost their loved ones, many families had no idea if they would ever see their loved ones again. The war was no way over for them.
Lest we forget 🌺
#ThisIsYourVictory #VEDay75 #VJDay75

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