Phillip Kemble Walter Johnson

Awards: Mentioned in Dispatches, 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal
P K W Johnson worked for Barclays in Canterbury. He joined up in 1941, and served as a Captain with 46 Commando, Royal Marines (formed in 1943) through the D Day Landings and the Rhine Crossing - his was the first British unit across, and they were renowned for never failing to capture their objective. Captain Johnson was the only officer in his unit who served from D Day to VE Day without being killed, wounded, captured or bowler-hatted. He won his decoration in the Battle for Germany (15 Jan – 8 May 1945). Following the War, he produced a history of 46 Commando.

Submitted by Melanie Lewis , Barclays

Photo: Canterbury war service record

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