Remembering all who fought in the Far East

At this time of celebrating VE Day let’s not forget those who were in action in the Far East. My father,Ronald Bennett, was in the Royal Artillery and set sail from Glasgow in 1942 with no idea where they were going. He travelled to Nova Scotia then Trinidad and then Cape Town. Next stop was Bombay where they changed ship onto the Empress of Asia.They set sail for Singapore and were bombed as they approached the city. The ship was badly damaged and all on board abandoned ship. Dad could not swim but learnt that day! He was captured and eventually taken up country to work on the Burma Siam railway.
He survived-many didn’t! He returned home on an American troop ship and stuffed himself with vitamin pills and ice cream-that’s what he used to tell me anyway!
It must have worked as I arrived in 1946. Dad died in 1997 and rarely spoke about his awful ordeal.I shall raise a glass to him on VE Day and especially on VJ Day.

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