Some time in 1940, my mother arrived home from shopping to find several soldiers and a dog sitting on our doorstep. The Tank Corps had arrived in our road!
We only had three bedrooms in our house, but she took in three of the men. I remember there was Sergeant Hepburn, and a Corporal and a Private. Their headquarters were a few doors down our road, in an empty house. There was a great deal of activity as tanks were parked outside the house, and there was lots of coming and going.
Sergeant Hepburn was in charge of the company mascot — a huge St Bernard dog called Butch. The dog would often come to the house and I remember at Christmas he ate all the mince pies! They had been left on the kitchen table which was at head height to him, and the temptation was too much.
Sergeant Hepburn and his comrades gave us a wonderful Christmas that year. They brought indoor fireworks, and they would often give us extra in the way of food and chocolate from their rations.
I cannot remember how long they remained with us, but we were saddened when they all suddenly departed, presumably overseas.
They were kind and they made us laugh.

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