The Buckingham Palace VE Day Crush

I had just had my 8th Birthday, and my sister Maureen was almost 12. With all the excitement that was around us, we convinced our Dad (who drove Trolley Buses all through the Blitz), that EVERYONE at school was going to London to see the celebrations.

I don't remember anything about the journey there or back. What I DO remember when we arrived at Buckingham Palace, were the hundreds and hundreds of people. I was on Dad's shoulders, and my Mum and my sister hanging on to Dad as he tried to get us out of the crowd, somehow he dragged us against a wall... and pulled us along till we got to a corner, and managed to escape the crush, Mum was crying, my sister was crying... it was frightening... everyone jammed together. There was also a big black official looking car trying to ease through the crush... we have often wondered who was in it, there were drivers crying in their cars as people walked over their car roofs, and bonnets.

So I'm afraid that is my childhood memory of VE day, like it was yesterday!

Submitted by Marion James

Photo: Marion & Maureen Leary

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