VJ Day

On VJ Day we were part of a large invasion force closing in on Japan and waiting for the outcome of dropping the bombs. They ended resistance and we landed about 400 Australian troops at Kure without firing a single shot. The photo, a real one-off, is of Japanese Mine Subs, unused, stored in Kure Naval Dockyard. It was a shock, we believed they only had one or two!

Another shock was having to pass Hiroshima, not a pretty sight on the way in. It got worse when we were detailed as clearing up parties.

After demobilisation, I joined the British Pacific and East Indies Fleet Association, The Forgotten Fleet, paying several visits to the area. The coloured prints are from Rockingham, WA, showing the memorial park. Yours truly and my hosts from Rockingham RNA and the memorial to the BP&EIF.

It was bound to happen, I am one ex-gunner and have many memories of HMS Excellent, for instance the greeting.

“How long have you been on the island, do you know how far around it is, you are going to find out.”

It was raining and the farm is unforgettable!

Alf Lonsdale, Leading Seaman, HMS Victoria, HMS Greenwich, HMS Orwell, HMS Tyne, HMS Excellent, HMS Valiant, HMS Malaya, HMS Berwick, HMS Glengyle and Victory Arctic, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Pacific and China Sea. Legion d’Honneur medal

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