“The result of the war in Europe was a foregone conclusion and VE Day had come and gone while we were in the Philippines. Apart from a welcome ‘Splice the main brace’ it was all taken in very quietly. The lads obviously heartened at the news and hoping that things would soon be getting back to normal back home. VJ Day was totally different. It was the termination of hostilities. ‘Splice the main brace’ was signalled again and the finest meal ever served aboard the ship was set out before us all to enjoy.
Visions of an early recall to the UK were soon dismissed when we learned that island bases had to be cleared of personnel and equipment, which meant a lot of work was still to be done in the Pacific....”
From the memoirs of T.W. “Bill” Kimberley - Leading Air Engineer Technician, HMS UNICORN

Submitted by Victoria Duffield-Smith

Photo: Thomas William “Bill” Kimberley

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