What a SIGHT

I live in a block of flats mostly full of the elderly, very near me is couple, Lt Cdr (Rtd) & Mrs HOCKTON of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and provided dockyard defffence during the Battle of Britain with Sea Gladiators. Later he went on to serve on Arctic Convoys to Russia.
I was speaking to him only last Monday, and he told me, on D DAY he flew ground support over the Normandy beaches. Strafing trains and goods yards well beyond the beaches and the odd lorry that was on the road. He said, with tears in he's eyes, 'As we flew over the channel, just on dawn as the sun was coming up, all I could see, from the England to France was ships ships and more ships, and I thought to myself...How did Jerry ever think they could beat US ? and how sad it was so many of my mates never got to see such a sight as this! BUT,,,as I made a sweep over Sword Beach I felt everyone of them was flying with me again ! '
He is flying with them again now, he died last Friday night of pneumonia and CV19 in Southend Hospital.
Thank you Jeff.

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